Webcomic with a positive impact: “Mangroves Life”


Mangroves, and the many creatures that live among them, are unique and beautiful features of the UAE coastline. Their impact is far more than just a visual one, though, as they also create a positive impact on our environment. Like all trees, they help minimize climate change by converting the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they also provide a home to the biodiversity that keeps our environment healthy. With the ability to thrive in harsh environments, mangroves create shelter and food for all kinds of animals and organisms.

The pervasive roots of these trees form a symbiotic relationship with both humans and the many organisms that call them home. While animals rely on these trees, the trees also rely on the animals that live among their roots and branches. Even the miniscule microbes that live beneath them give them the important nutrients they need to grow. The effects of mangroves are not just chemical, but physical as well, creating a powerful barrier between the powerful ocean and our crucial coastlines. They prevent erosion, and their presence is even strong enough to protect the land from the damage of tsunamis. 

But mangroves need us as much as we need them.

As important as they are, the benefits and beauty that mangroves bring to our planet will not continue if humans are apathetic to their existence. Education and awareness are crucial, which is the purpose of this new webcomic called “Mangroves Life.” Featuring characters such as a crab, a heron, a turtle, and some foxes, this comic creates a world that will excite and engage young readers. By forming characters and stories that will excite and inspire people of any age, “Mangroves Life” shows how real this vital ecosystem is. As children connect with these striking images and funny animals, they can fall in love with the real mangroves, and learn the benefits of taking care of them.

While the stories feature fun and humor, each tale has an element of truth. The animals that live in the mangrove trees face problems similar to the problems that real-life animals would face, such as climate change or the danger of humans encroaching on the habitat. As they fall in love with the three mischievous wolf pups, or the wise purple crab, children will not simply learn facts about the mangroves, but learn the importance of taking care of them. 

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