About Us

Throughout the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East region, the revered tradition of oral storytelling has for centuries been a compelling medium through which legendary tales of adventure have been relayed. Until the advent of modern media, fables from the Quran and tales of historical heroes have been narrated by storytellers, known as the hakawati or Al Rawi, who would regale their audience and give life to the great sagas of Arab lore.
Whilst technology has modernised the mediums through which these stories of our heritage are retold, this rich and cherished element of our past is thankfully becoming prominent once again.

We at Al Rawy Publishing are determined in preserving this culture and ensuring the legacy of our forefathers and foremothers is recited to our children now as it once was.
Having identified a lack of stories written in English, we pursue our ambition hoping to bring our stories to life for nationals and residents of the Middle East. Our unique series of books include relatable characters who speak to children living in the region, teaching and reminding them of both our proud history and cultural identity.